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What is Short Course Eventing? 

All of the fun of Eventing, but SHORT COURSE EVENTING is easier, less timely, and less expensive. "Short Course Eventing" is an adaptation of traditional eventing,and an excellent introduction to "regular" eventing. 

Coaching is welcome.

Each show begins with a dressage test,then after a break you ride the Jumping phase . Which is a continuous run, beginning with stadium fences then continues out of the ring,  over more natural jumps that are solid and knock down jumps with some rolling terrain, then its back into the ring to finish over a few more stadium fences to finish your round. 

Safety is a priority.

Ribbons to Sixth for both Overall and Dressage tests. Jr/Sr splits for prizes and ribbons in all divisions 

 2015 show season 

  • May 18/Monday Victoria Day  -Catori Lane :  the results from this show when given to us will be honoured by the short course series committee but Catori has withdrawn from having another short course in the series. 
  • June 14     - Corner Stone Farm ( rain date 13th)  FUND RAISER for KARAT - Our Therapeutic Riding Program
        We will be running A KARAT Class as well.  A Special Classes for Therapy Riders 
  • At Corner Stone a modified class also offered: jumping in enclosed sand ring only. 
Pre-Starter and Modified Jumping   18″ Cadora Walk/Trot Test C

Starter 2′ Cadora Training Test B

Pre-Entry 2’6″ Cadora Training Test D

Pre Starter 18"        Cadora Walk and trot D

Starter 2'                Cadora Training C

Pre Entry 2'6"         Cadora Training D

  • August 9  - Temperance View Farm    
  • August 30   - Chipmunk Ridge Farm (rain date 29th)
  • September 13 - Corner Stone Farm FUND RAISER for KARAT - Our Therapeutic Riding Program / Special Classes

The Volunteers who stood through :  RAIN - SNOW - WINDS - HUMIDITY- BLAZING SUN. 


Thank you for your continued support of this sport and program.

 Comments made by one of the families who participated in past events

 " Wonderful supportive shows that are a great place to break into the Eventing World. 

For all riders and parents alike to learn the ropes! 

My girls have had wonderful experiences through the Kingston Short Course Series!"

 As you know, I REALLY enjoyed this summer and all six of the Short Course Events. I feel blessed to have been invited to ride at these four farms and deeply appreciated all the hard work that everyone put into these shows.  I found them to be VERY welcoming and forgiving and supportive.  EVERYONE was friendly and helpful and truly made me feel that the motto of these shows was “the success of all participants”.  Also, the fact that all these shows were quite close made it very convenient and somewhat stress free.  The close distance together with the specific ride times, made it very relaxing.  We would arrive early enough to walk the course and prepare for dressage and then relax a bit and then get ready for our jumping time.  I will   probably never move to a higher division than what is offered at the short courses but for young people just starting out who have dreams of riding at a higher level, these shows will instill confidence in an atmosphere of friends and support and camaraderie where there is no other agenda other than success.

                 The other item I liked was that the Jr. and Sr. Riders are separate.  I am a senior rider that enjoys and is comfortable at the 18” level for now.  I do not want to be perceived as stealing  ribbons from little girls (and usually they kicked my butt).  This show series divided the Jr. and  Sr. riders so I did not feel out of place competing against the Jr. Riders.  Again, a very welcoming and non-judgmental way of allowing everyone (young and old and oldest) to compete, enjoy and not feel bad about succeeding.

                 I have told all my friends (mostly seniors) and will hope to have an Old Gals club attending next season.

                Sincerely, Debbie Givens

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