All of the fun of Eventing, but SHORT COURSE EVENTING is easier, less timely, and less expensive. "Short Course Eventing" is an adaptation of traditional eventing,and an excellent introduction to "regular" eventing. 

Coaching is welcome in pre-starter and starter divisions!

SEND YOUR ENTRIES NOW> For all shows this summer. IF you or your horse have a health issue that stops you from coming you will get back your entry or be offered to have it transferred to another show if you wish. The 25 admin fee will not be lost this way.

Each show begins with a dressage test,with a break for you and your horse after.  Then you prepare and ride the Jumping phase . Which is a continuous run, beginning with stadium fences then continues out of the ring,  over more natural jumps that are solid and knock down jumps with some rolling terrain, then its back into the ring to finish over a few more stadium fences to finish your round. 

Safety is a priority.

Ribbons to Sixth for both Overall and Dressage tests. ( some shows offer a divisions split for Jr and Sr riders but not all do this and there is no division for this in the year end results) 

Participants can also choose to show dressage only or enter in one or two levels of competition, and can ride each level twice if they wish too. (Highest level completed judged) See the rules page for more details at . 

All safe friendly jumps at an attractive venue. 

Points will count in Kingston Short Course Eventing Series

NEWS FLASH  --- Regarding us of Whips in dressage. 

One whip no longer than 120cm including lash may be carried when riding in the 

dressage warm-up areas. One whip no longer than 120 cm may be carried in the 

dressage test at all horse trial and combined test competitions except in Championship 

divisions, As an exception riders competing sidesaddle may carry a whip in the dressage 

test at all competitions including championships. A standard lunge whip may be used 

when lunging a horse. If a whip is carried in the Cross-Country and Jumping it must not 

be weighted at the end or exceed 75 cm (30") in length overall. Telescoping whips are 

not permitted in warm up or competition.

With 8 shows in the 2014 series we are thrilled to see this expanding and growing.

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Entry fees: $85.00 first full division and $35.00 dressage only ( $10.00 more for additional dressage tests)


2014 Short Course Series Events --CONFIRMED

For entry information and start times please contact host sites.  

For Year End Awards You need to ride in at least four of these events.
Top four results used for year end points.  * New this year
Year End Banquet will be held FEB 23, 2014 
At Lone Star Grill, Kingston was a HUGE success!!!!.

Prize information

Ribbons to Sixth for both Overall and Dressage tests.  

Gifts certificates for placings provided by Wilton Tack. 

Best Groomed Jr and Sr riders Prizes at each show and year end.

To qualify for  All Year end awards you need to have attended at least 4 Events

Some shows offering extra classes check each host site for details.

 Visitors to the Farm:

  • Provide plastic protective pull-on boot covers or require visitors to walk through a disinfecting foot bath before entering your animal facility;
  • Provide hand sanitizer or a wash area and have visitors wash/sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting your facility; and
  • Keep visitors from driving any unsanitized vehicles or equipment into your barn and pasture areas.
  • At Shows, Trail Rides, and Other Equestrian Events:

    • Use only your own equipment. Label tack for each horse, Avoid sharing halters, lead ropes, wheelbarrows, muck forks, tack, etc.;
    • Feed and water your horse using only your buckets and tubs, and do not allow other horses to eat or drink from your water tubs, hay feeders, the ground etc.;
    • Don't let your horse touch ( sniff noses ) other horses or their equipment;
    • Disinfect any equipment that is shared or comes into contact with another horse; and have your horses vaccinated.
    • Park with spacing between you and the next Rig.
    • understanding-practicing-biosecurity-on-horse-farms 

 Comments made by one of the families who participated in past events

 " Wonderful supportive shows that are a great place to break into the Eventing World. 

For all riders and parents alike to learn the ropes! 

My girls have had wonderful experiences through the Kingston Short Course Series!"

Congratulations to all the Riders, families and horses who rode in our series  this year. A huge " shout out" to the host farms new and old.  

The Volunteers who stood through :



Anyone who want to get donations for prizes and door prizes are welcome to! Please contact Cathy to see if that vendor has already been asked. 

Thank you for your continued support of this sport and program.

Thank you         

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